So You Hate Your Job And Looking For New Jobs? Get Your Next Job With In A Blink Of Eye Now!

24 February 2021

So You Hate Your Job And Looking For New Jobs? Get Your Next Job With In A Blink Of Eye Now!

Posted on : February 24, 2021
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Posted by : Deepti Kaul
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Do you hate your job? Do you want to resign and work in something you like?! We have the best solution for you. You want to know how?! Watch this video and get your job In the blink of an eye.

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Always Keep In Your Mind There Are 25 Top Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Job Interviews! The the first question echo’s in your mind is “Why?!” then you repeat a list of ” Am I not good enough?!”, “Did they receive my resume?!” ” Am I unlucky?’, and other dozens of questions while feeling really frustrated. You’ve to realize that “You’re not alone.”

But it’s crucial to understand why this keeps happening, and why you didn’t get the job interview to adjust yourself and to change your pattern.
1)Your Qualifications Don’t Match The Job Posting: You’ve only 6 seconds to convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate, so highlight the skills that are mentioned in the job description so that you could pass the ATS evaluation or the hiring manager assessment. You have to match your skills to the job requirements, so spend some more time to showcase how you have the skills and capabilities that will enable you to excel in the job.

2)Employment Gaps and Job-hopping are Resume Killer Employment gaps are red flags and warning signs to your potential employer that raise many questions into his mind. Learn how to explain gaps adequately and make them less noticeable in your resume. Write a cover letter to explain why you left your previous job. Moreover, to make the best use of this period, you can take courses, volunteer, or consider a freelance work to fill the gap and show the employers that you are still staying active while being unemployed.

3)You Send An Incredibly “Unprofessional” Resume Make sure that you have a highly professional customized resume in terms of fonts, profile photos, contact info (email address), format, and grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, it has to be ATS compliant.

4)Your Resume Has Spelling Or Grammar Mistakes Spelling or grammatical mistakes can stand between you and your dream job. According to a study, 50% of recruiters consider spelling and grammatical mistakes to be the biggest red flag on a resume, especially during the modern era where there are many comprehensive grammar checker tools, like Ginger or Grammarly, where you can check your resume in minutes. Improve your language to have a good brand impression.

5) You Use One Application For All Jobs Although you are applying for the same position, companies have different requirements and different job descriptions for the same job title. If you want your application shines, you have to customize it to every job you’re applying to.

6) You Don’t Highlight The Main Keywords Naturally In Your Resume For instance, If you are applying for an accountant position with 5 years of experience in GCC, you have to make sure that these requirements are highlighted in your job application (Resume and Cover letter) We only mention 6 reasons but you can check the 25 reasons by checking this link: 👇…

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