11 November 2022
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Most of us would struggle to find the appropriate words or actions to express our sadness upon saying goodbye to a coworker. A heartfelt farewell from a colleague is always appreciated, even if you weren't close.

While anyone may say "goodbye," few people know how to build a meaningful and heartfelt farewell. Don't worry because we're here to assist you.

Dr.Job is here to show you how to write a farewell message to a colleague with tips and examples.

Why should you Write a Farewell Message To A Colleague?

Before tackling the offboarding procedure and moving on to a new role, everyone wants to know they were valued and that they made an impression.

In addition to keeping professional ties intact, saying goodbye to a departing coworker can help you and them move on with your lives. That is your opportunity to thank this person for all they have done. It's your last chance to thank them personally for their contributions to the group or you.

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Surprisingly, saying farewell to your former coworkers is a great way to kick off a successful career in a new position. Research shows that people given a fitting farewell can better adjust to their new roles. Furthermore, you have a responsibility to help your coworkers succeed.

How Should you Send a Farewell Message To A Colleague?

1. Send a gift or card.

Even a small token of appreciation, such as a card or gift, can go a long way. You and your coworkers can leave individual farewell notes or contribute to a group note. It's a thoughtful farewell gift for the outgoing employee. They can remember their time with your company whenever they use it, no matter where they may be.

Even if you haven't worked together much, sending a farewell card or gift to your coworkers is still lovely. A group effort can convey appreciation even if it's not highly personalized.

2. Compose a letter.

Since it allows you to put your thoughts and feelings into your own words, a farewell letter is more heartfelt than a card.

Tell them how you feel and explain why. Taking the time to write a letter hand shows that the recipient is essential to you.

Highlight the value you bring, and send your best wishes. If it seems appropriate, try to keep in touch with the person. Sign off at the end of the letter.

3. Make eye contact and say it directly.

If you have developed a close relationship with a coworker, you should say your goodbyes in person.

Your relationship with a coworker will likely be reflected in the words you choose to share with them as they say goodbye to you in private.

Feel free to be open about how their departure has affected you, but try to keep the focus on them. They're having a tough time of it right now. Avoid letting your emotions take over the conversation.

4. Put out an email.

Before your coworker's last day, send them an email expressing gratitude for their time with the company.

Email is a great way to keep in touch with someone for professional networking purposes when you don't have their primary contact information.

Typically, a manager or HR department will notify the company via email that an employee has resigned.

Sending a reply to the group email serves as your farewell message. You can start an email chain or send an email directly to the departing colleague.

5. Celebrate farewell with a party.

Place an order for a cake. Gather the team for a night of laughs and memories of working with this person. Unwind. Relax. Also, make the most of this time together and laugh a lot. When they're gone, it'll be times like these that you miss the most.

Tips for How to Write a Farewell Message To A Colleague:

Parting ways with a coworker is never easy. Even if we've only known a coworker for a short time, they can significantly impact our lives. Outside of our immediate families and roommates, these are the people we spend the most time with.

The following are some last things to remember when you write a farewell message to a colleague:

  • Avoid writing a message that is too long or rambling; instead, exchange contact information like phone numbers or LinkedIn profiles so you can stay in touch.
  • Allow yourself to feel Vulnerable.
  • Your soon-to-be ex-coworker will value that you cared enough to reach out to them, no matter what you say or say. Do not be reticent to include your warmest sentiments in your farewell message.

Best Ways to Write a Farewell Message To A Colleague:

"I hope everything goes well for you in your new endeavor. I'm sorry we had to part ways, and one day I hope we can get back in touch."

"Working with you was a pleasure, and you will be missed. I do not doubt that you will succeed in your new position because of the beautiful changes you have implemented here—regards and appreciation for your assistance. Make sure to stay in touch!"

"I'm going to miss you terribly. You are the best at (fill in the blank), and I appreciate you."

"Though I'm sorry to see you go, I hope to see you again soon! I hope that everything you do from here on out goes swimmingly well for you."

"I'm thankful for the chance to encounter you and enjoyed talking with you. You were a pleasure to work with."

"It has been a pleasure having you on the team for the past few years. I extend best wishes to everyone here for your future endeavors."

"We hope you succeed in your future endeavors; we'll miss having you around."

"Farewell for now, but not forever."

"I've had a great time here and hope to see you again."

"All of your dedication and commitment throughout the years have been much appreciated. You have played a significant role in the continued success of this organization."

"Thanks for your hard work over the past few years; it's been a pleasure having you on the team—best of luck to you in the future."

"It saddens me to hear that you will leave (company). Was it (the boss's bad jokes/the microwaved fish/recollections of the office party) that did it?! Never stop communicating!"

"Continue communicating and think of us when you become famous."

In Conclusion,

We understand how hard it is to depart from a colleague, but the previous tips and examples will help you write a unique farewell message to a colleague leaving the company. Best of luck!

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