11 May 2022
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Who knows? Maybe you sit one day in front of Tesla's CEO and hear this question, so discover the question, its answer, and how to ace Elon Musk's job interviews to work side by side with the wealthiest entrepreneur in the world!

Who knows? Maybe you sit one day in front of Tesla's CEO and hear this question, so discover the question, its answer, and how to ace Elon Musk's job interviews to work side by side with the wealthiest entrepreneur in the world!

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and recently the owner of Twitter, was once asked how he selects his team members. He explicitly declared that he has one basic question that helps him spot the liars: "Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them."

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Whether you will meet Elon Musk personally or you'll attend an interview for this local company near to your home, knowing why he asks this question and how to answer it professionally will help you make the strides when it comes to convincing the recruiters during the job interviews, read on!

Why Elon Musk Asks this Question During the Job Interview?

Why Elon Musk Asks this Question During the Job Interview?

According to the Daily Star, Musk appears unconcerned with an imminent employee's school or degree of schooling. "There's no need for a college degree or a high school diploma," Musk expressed in a 2014 interview with Auto Bild. Instead, when it comes to utilizing modern workers, the father of seven looks for "verification of extraordinary skill." "If there's a track record of exceptional achievement, it is likely to continue into the longer term," he added.

Of course, lying on a CV or almost one's accomplishments is simple, but Musk encompasses an implied address to capture liars. Musk said amid the World Government Summit in 2017 that he inquires the same question to each candidate he interviews: "Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them."

How Elon Musk Identifies the Liar?

How Elon Musk Identifies the Liar?

The issue is that anyone may claim to be the greatest at what they do, but it can be difficult — and often impossible — to verify whether they're telling the truth.

Because "the folks who truly solved the problem know exactly how they did it," Musk explained. "They are aware of and can articulate little things."

Musk's approach is based on the assumption that someone making a fraudulent claim will be unable to back it up convincingly. Thus he wants to hear them talk about how they worked through a difficult issue step by step.

Musk’s Strategy from An Analytical Point of View

Musk's Strategy from An Analytical Point of View

Research published in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition in December 2020 found numerous methods of identifying liars based on a job interviewing strategy that bolsters Musk's approach.

One such technique is "Asymmetric Information Management" (AIM). It aims to provide an interviewee with a straightforward way to set up their blamelessness or blame to the agent by giving exact information. "Small, subtle elements are the soul of forensic investigations," Cody Doorman, one of the study's creators and a Senior Instructing Individual at the College of Portsmouth, said in a paper for The Conversation.

She especially said that interviewers ought to offer respondents clear instructions that "on the off chance that they make lengthier, more comprehensive comments concerning the occurrence of intrigued, the examiner would be way better able to observe whether they are talking the truth or lying." "Liars, on the other hand, need to cover up their blame," Porter added.

"This suggests they are more inclined to withhold data intentionally in reaction to the AIM technique. "They accept that advertising in more detail will make it less demanding for the agent to distinguish their misdirection. Subsequently, they give less information."

The study also found that utilizing the Aim approach can boost the chance of identifying liars by almost 70%. "They accept that offering more detail will simplify the investigator to recognize their misdirection; hence they give less information."

Top Tips to Answer Elon Musk’s Job Interview Question

Top Tips to Answer Elon Musk's Job Interview Question

Show Off Your Problem-Solving Skills

In today's fast-paced job market where technology changes the standard daily, it's crucial to have unique problem-solving skills whatever your industry.

To give a perfect overview of your problem-solving and analytical skills, you can list the significant challenges you have faced during your current and past jobs and how you have handled them and achieved good results.

This will help you focus on your achievements rather than your responsibilities and will help you show off your leadership skills.

Underline Your Achievements

After listing your accomplishments, update your CV to ensure mentioning them in it. Don't just write down lists of endless responsibilities; show how you add value to the company.

That can be done by using "numbers" to prove your ability. For example, instead of saying that "I am a content manager" who leads a team of 6 content writers, you can show your leadership skills and how they affect the company by saying that "With my content team, we have succeeded in moving the company' website up from the 5th result to the 1st result to dominate the industry's most revenues through our digital presence."

Be Fully Prepared

Job interviews are confusing enough; It's easy to forget what you want to ask and get confused when talking about your accomplishments and telling your story. This shows you the importance of "training"!

It will help if you write your answer in persuasive and direct sentences, then practice with your friends, family, or even in front of the mirror.

Try to find someone who serves as a mentor so you can practice aloud and get notes from him, don't just rehearse in your mind and forget about getting feedback from people around you.

Go A Step Further in The Interview

When being asked, make sure to "delve deeply" into your answers about how you dealt with obstacles.

"The employees who truly solved the problem know precisely how they did it and the minor nuances," Musk stated in the same interview. Those who are only pretending to go into one level of detail and then become stuck."

Describe the problem you handled, how you tried to solve it, the assets you used, the hurdles you faced on your way to the solution, how you overcame those barriers, and the results you delivered for your company.

Utilize Your Storytelling Skills

Finally, be ready to ask general questions about your life as Musk asserts that he may ask the candidate about his personal life, difficult situations he has faced, and how he has solved them.

Describe a previous problem you had and how you dealt with it as you progressed in your life and profession.

As CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and co-founder and co-founder of Neuralink and The Boring Company, the 49-year-old certainly gets what he's doing in business.

To Conclude,

Of course, no one needs to hire someone who talks a lot but does nothing. So, if you need to land a job with Elon Musk or any of the world leaders, don't cut your answers short and don't lie.

Hone your skills to suit the organization you dream of working in, and start discovering and applying for leadership positions now!

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