23 June 2021
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It’s always easier to perform at work when your personal life doesn’t include many issues, disasters, or stress, but how about dealing with work while you’re under so much pressure in your personal life?

Whenever we mention work-life balance, the first thing that comes to our minds is the problem of work taking over personal life, but do you ever think of the opposite?

We on Dr. Job Pro realize that it’s challenging to isolate professional life from getting affected by personal issues.

Today, we are here to help you figure out a solution by guiding you through 10 ways not to let your issues affect your professional life.

1- Take some time off

It doesn’t have to be a long time, but at least take a day or two to recharge your energy.

It’s unhealthy to pretend that everything is okay while you’re in a miserable state of mind.

Human beings need to face their feelings and embrace them to be able to function later on.

Process your emotions and don’t avoid them. Talk to a friend, lay in bed doing nothing, or even see a therapist. You deserve some rest.

2- Talk to your boss

Communicating with your boss takes some of the burdens off your chest. That doesn’t mean whining and complaining about your issues to them.

Clarify if you’re going through some personal issues, how they might affect work, for how long your performance might be affected, and how they can help you get over that.

A successful boss would understand and support you. They would also provide some advice and tips to help you deal with the issues.

Furthermore, they might assign a colleague to assist you with your tasks and make them more manageable.

3- Don’t overshare information

It’s great to be open about your issues, but there have to be boundaries. For example, sharing every detail about your personal life might let your boss or co-workers judge your performance.

Talk to them, ask for their advice and seek their support, but don’t let personal problems define your professional life.

Moreover, pay attention to the gossipy co-workers who might cause you trouble. A lot of them need a single personal piece of information to use for their excellent.

4- Shift your identity based on the situation

We know it’s hard to set boundaries between work and life. But, first, we are human beings who cannot shift their mood by pressing a button.

Nevertheless, humans can shift their identities according to the circumstances.

To clarify, at home, you’re a wife, husband, daughter, son, father, or mother, but when it comes to your professional life, you’re an employee. So try to practice setting boundaries and leaving your problems outside of the office.

5- Avoid social media

Most of the employees don’t realize that being constantly online consumes so much of their energy and affects their concentration.

Please set your mobile phone in do not disturb mode during working hours, which helps you focus and leave your problems behind.

If it’s not urgent, don’t take calls from family or friends to avoid being distracted or dragged to personal issues.

6- Keep yourself busy with helping others

Helping others gets you to focus on others’ issues instead of yours. It’s soothing when we realize that the world doesn’t revolve around us.

Giving others some assistance creates a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It also added so much value to your life.

That newcomer who’s lost and overwhelmed by tasks, reassure them that it’s all going to be okay. That co-worker who has just come back from a long vacation guides them to stand on their feet again.

There are various examples of co-workers who need your assistance out there, so please be present.

For more information, Volunteer Work: Why Should You Start Now?

7- Remember that perfect is an illusion

 Sometimes personal issues affect your professional life so badly, just because you’re too harsh on yourself.

Most people don’t realize that work is a part of life, and they cannot wholly separate them apart.

While you try your best to be productive, don’t forget that it’s okay not to have a perfect life.

Please accept that life is all about highs and lows, and so work is.

8- Choose what’s right for you

Human beings are different, which makes them deal with disasters differently.

Some employees perceive work as a way of relief and escapism to get over hard times. However, some others believe that it’s an extra load and burden for them.

Figure out what’s best for you and go for it.

9- Deal with each problem separately

You cannot handle personal and professional issues all at the same time. Give yourself time to take each problem on its own.

As we mentioned before, it’s healthier to deal with personal issues when you’re out of work. So please don’t let them distract your mind or affect your concentration.

10- Don’t avoid self-care

We understand that self-care in times of issues, disasters, and personal crises is not a priority for most people, while it should be.

Self-care decreases stress levels and boosts your productivity.

Focusing on your health helps you get over stress and achieve more work-life balance.

Please give yourself some time to breathe, play yoga, take warm baths, eat healthy food and spend quality time.

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