12 February 2021
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Not all of us perfect. We might do 10 things right but there are times when even the perfectionists go wrong. In this article, we have listed down a mistake that freelancers do commonly.  
You can easily take a cue from the below points and mend your ways. 

  • Not having a portfolio - Not having a portfolio is like committing a crime. We suggest creating one and if you work for different profiles then don’t mind creating different portfolios for each role. 
  • Looking randomly for clients - Don’t just go for any client. Before accepting projects, check client background and reviews to get a clear view of their reputation.  
    Saying "Yes" to everything - Don’t just blindly say yes to everything. Go through the requirements of the projects, check the credibility of the project owner because only getting the project isn’t enough. You also need to be sure of the payment release. 
    Working with bad clients - If you are a new to freelancing, rather than saying yes to people blindly, have a check. Don’t waste your efforts with clients who are not credible. 
    Having no backup plan - Having a plan B is imperative. It will help you stay positive and will also keep panic attacks at bay. 
    Making payment difficult - Before accepting a project, it is advisable to discuss payment terms with the project owner. 

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