14 February 2021
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Recruiting is a challenging and time-consuming process. Since artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are becoming popular in the workplace, many managers and HR professionals wonder how they can apply these new technologies to their recruiting activities.

Want to revolutionize your recruiting? Read on for 5 ways AI and automation can transform recruiting.

  • Start a Conversation with interested candidates

Think about candidates you wanted to reach before and who never replied. With AI and Automation, there is no need to send the same message again over and over again. Instead of sending the same message, you can also let a tool deliver new messages to those candidates. This can save you time from having to ask yourself, “What should I say next?”

  • Write More Attractive Job Descriptions

Anyone who spends time recruiting knows the importance of an attractive job description. This is why you should use automation to help you create compelling job descriptions.

  • Schedule Meetings

If you are holding interviews and checking resumes manually, then you’re wasting lots of time and money. Thanks to AI, your recruiter can now schedule the interview for you automatically.

  •    Resurface Candidates

AI will help you to resurface candidates who were previously considered but not extended an interview. This is especially true for companies hiring onsite. At first, it may seem impossible, but companies are discovering that their candidate evaluation process has a high cost-to-hire ratio.

  • Identify Potentially Bad Candidates

AI will help HR identify Potentially bad candidates by using data on these candidates from the start of their application straight through screening. This is the new paradigm Businesses will embrace when they don’t have as many employees to do Human Resource work.

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