19 January 2021
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Telecom has been the great strength during the Pandemic as it helped in keeping people connected during the difficult times. But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds for the telecommunication industry, keeping up with the growing demand and providing quality services. Esam A M. Mahmoud, Vice President, Etisalat describes hardships Telecom industry faced, changes it adapted and the kind of skills that will be in demand this year. 

Q1. How do you think the telecommunications industry has coped with the changes and the disruptions caused by Covid-19.  

 With the current situation rapidly evolving situation poses unique challenges for everyone, the telecom understood that businesses are doing everything to ensure the safety of their employees while managing business continuity. Telecom has constant endeavor to ensure they support the customers with their business needs and make every effort to simplify their lives even during these difficult times. The focus has mainly driven by the digital service and online services with multiple options and variety of products to ensure the continuity of business customers services.  

 Q2. What upgradations and changes were made to make the communication stronger during the Covid-19 Pandemic?   

1-) Speeding up the deployment of 5G 

2-) Upgrading the broadbands speed 

3-) Upgrading the network for education and residents due to distance learning 

4-) Introducing product and services that customers can use it to meet their clients remotely 
Q3. Given the new normal norms, how is the telecom industry adapting and implementing the safety measures for employees.  

Safety of the employee is our first priority and Etisalat has taken lots of initiatives to ensure the same such as, remote working for special conditions, hybrid mode for the remaining staff. Thermal cameras cross the buildings, limited seats on each floor, social distance and others.    
Q4. Covid-19 has opened doors for new businesses as well. Has it carved any new ways of revenue generation for the telecom?  

Revenue generation has badly affected not only telecom but also all business. There is gain due to Covid-19. However, the business activities have shifted from focusing on core only to digital solutions 

Q6. What skills would you be looking for in 2021?  
Artificial Intelligence, Data Monetization, Machine Learning and IOT 

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