19 August 2022
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Teachers must have excellent presentation and interpersonal skills; therefore, teacher interview questions are critical.

Basically, planning carefully for your upcoming interview will make you feel assured and ready.

In this post, Dr. Job offers a list of 9 teacher interview questions that a hiring manager might ask you.

9 teacher interview questions and Answers:

1- Why do you want to become a teacher?

You will have the chance to talk about your commitment to teaching when this topic is asked of you in an interview.

Feel free to include personal stories in your answer, as every teacher has different motivations for choosing this field of work.

Additionally, describe your enthusiasm for teaching and any individuals or experiences that motivated you to pursue the career.


"My high school mathematics teacher significantly influenced my decision to become a teacher. I struggled with math, but she took the time to not only teach the concepts in a way that made sense to me but also to make me realize how equally valuable all forms of intelligence are. No task is more crucial than educating the future world leaders on the facts they must know, but even more so is demonstrating to them their value, potential, and capacity for developing their own opinions via critical thought and observation of the world around them.

2. What about you makes this school a good fit?

This question displays whether you did any background research on the district and school.

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Show that you are familiar with both the school and its neighborhood when you respond to this question.

Describe how this knowledge has heightened your interest in the school.

An effective response can contain details on recent exam results and particular programs.


"This school's reputation for academic brilliance and fostering creativity through its esteemed arts program inspires me. I'm very motivated to present my teaching methods because I've noticed a decline in AP test performance in previous years. I am sure that I might help kids achieve better grades and success chances.

3. What qualities do students hope their teachers will have?

Every instructor has a distinctive teaching style, but various pupils learn best with different methods; thus, a teacher must be flexible.

A good response outlines the attributes you believe are most crucial for a teacher to have, the advantages these traits have for children, and how you have worked to develop them personally.


"I think kids want their professors to be devoted and approachable, and they can sense when a teacher doesn't have these traits. Students are more likely to succeed if they are aware that you are working hard and that you want to help them as they learn. I always have an open door policy and work hard to establish a rapport with each student.

4. How does the success of a teacher depend on their personality?

This enables you to communicate your idea of success and the methods you use to realize it.

An appropriate response would outline some of the character traits instructors should possess and some of the challenges they must face to achieve.


"To connect with their kids, teachers must be adaptable, compassionate, self-reliant, motivated, and patient. When creating lesson plans and ensuring students comprehend the subject, they will be tested; teachers also need to consider the local and state testing objectives. For all of their pupils to learn effectively, teachers must be able to change their teaching methods.

5. How do you approach teaching discipline, and what part does it play?

Discipline-related concerns arise for teachers occasionally; thus, how discipline is handled is a crucial component of teaching interviews.

The age of the pupils, district policies, and teaching methods all play a role in the field, which is a vital component of maintaining order in the classroom.

You should thoroughly explain your approach to discipline and how doing so well can impact the classroom in your response to this question.


"In my opinion, a teacher cannot be effective without the appropriate disciplinary measures. I want to lay out my expectations for my students, so they are prepared for success. Respect cannot exist without discipline, yet it may be challenging to hold students accountable. An incentives system is the most effective way I've found to stop poor behavior, according to my research into several techniques. Although there are undoubtedly incidents that the school's behavior program has to address, offering rewards reinforce positive behavior and offers kids something to work for.

6. How do you involve parents and guardians in the education of students?

This question might be asked to find out how you would encourage interactions with parents of students.

Parents are crucial to their child's academic achievement, so teachers must interact with parents clearly and efficiently.

An intelligent response will stress the importance of parental involvement in a child's education and outline your strategies.


"A child's education depends on their parents' assistance, for instance. It's crucial to interact with parents and ensure they play a significant part in their child's progress. I provide parents with my contact details so they can get in touch with me with any queries on how their child is progressing. I also give updates on the knowledge and skills my pupils have acquired.

7- In your opinion, what function does technology serve in the classroom?

Nowadays, a lot of teachers include technology in their lessons.

Explain your views on technology and how they relate to your teaching in your response.

Many educators try to use technology effectively without letting it rule the classroom.


"I believe using technology in the classroom can be a valuable tool for assisting kids in their learning. However, technology can also be distracting, so it's essential to establish guidelines for utilizing it properly. I give my students assignments that require them to use advanced technology to finish the work because I believe that students should be able to use technology for learning in addition to basic abilities. For instance, I might incorporate formatting specifications with their writing assignments to help them develop their formatting skills over the year. This makes it possible for the students to feel more at ease using various platforms and positions them for success in the job of the future.

8- Describe your approach to teaching.

Employers frequently ask about your philosophies and approaches to assess your suitability for their school.

You must demonstrate openness and confidence in your own developed beliefs regarding the most effective teaching methods, even though many schools may have established teaching methods.


"My teaching approach is making my lesson plans relevant. Clearly, It's more difficult for students to understand the subject when they can't relate. As a literature teacher, I encourage pupils to develop empathy for people, places, and ideas that are different from their own. Also, when my teachers assisted me in making parallels, I learned to remember stories better as a student. Moreover, I enjoy drawing parallels between current events and classic literature like Shakespeare as a student instructor and, for instance, contrasting dramatic events with those in popular culture. This aids pupils in understanding the stories and in coming to their judgments.

9. How would your peers, managers, or former students describe you?

That question will elicit more information about your personality and sense of self.

Employers might contrast your response with the recommendations you provided.

A thorough and thoughtful response can demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and insight.


"Peers and students alike would characterize me as inspiring, inventive, and motivating. I adore coming up with entertaining activities for my students and incorporating those from other classes. For instance, I planned "Pi Day" for the entire sixth-grade class on March 14 of last year. I created math-themed scavenger hunts, relay races, and trivia. Watching all the students collaborate, enjoy themselves, and learn."

In conclusion,

The previous teacher interview questions and answers will help you land a teaching job; best of luck!

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