16 December 2021
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It is difficult for all mothers to play the role of "mother" when working from home, and even more difficult is to work from home without your children.

That's where we come in to help you do both: work and enjoy time with your kids at home, thanks to our tips.

How to Adapt When Every Day Is “Bring Your Child to Work”?

Define Your Philosophy in Working from Home

Define Your Philosophy in Working from Home

It would help if you defined your philosophy towards working from home as a mother to define your own goals and ways to achieve them.

There is no right or wrong philosophical view. This philosophy may change over time because everyone sees things for himself and according to what suits him, but you have a clear idea of what you want.

Act Like You’re Working from The Office

Act Like You're Working from The Office

If you've ever worked from the office, you must know how things are going. You start your work energetic, take a break, then work your way back up and finish your day with tasks that require less effort. And your conversations with your co-workers are about looking for new job opportunities where you can develop your skills and earn more money.

When working from home, you must keep your day organized like this. Sometimes, it can be greener on the other side. Don't forget to explore more opportunities; There might be an opportunity with a higher salary and fewer hours, or an opportunity with a higher job title and more occasional assignments.

Dress For the Situation

Dress For the Situation

As a mother who works from home and wants to achieve the highest results, you need to ensure that you are wearing the proper work clothes.

Wearing t-shirts with comic strips or funny cartoon characters can guarantee you a good mood, and it will cheer up your kids too.

And it would help if you always remembered that working at home with kids is stressful enough so don't wear clothes that are too tight or too loose.

Wear clothes that make you feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed while working at home with your child or any other work you have to do at home.

Go Digital

Go Digital

Being with your kids might be a great choice to work from home, but it's always tense, with too many distractions and little discipline eroding your ability to achieve. So, take advantage of the power of what we call "automation" today, where you can make your tasks easier and get many tasks done at the end of the day by exploiting digital applications and tools.

Find Community

Find Community

With the world-changing, it's easy for us all to feel isolated. All of us, as mothers, feel like we're alone working from home.

So, we have to look for people similar to us in personality, traits, and lifestyle. This is where working mothers' communities come in vital as finding someone who shares your problems and helps you find solutions to them. That can be facilitated by searching for them in Facebook groups or mothers' forums to find people who share your interests.

Keep The Home “Positive” Despite All the Distractions

Keep The Home Positive Despite All the Distractions

All of your efforts to keep your home a fun and comfortable place for productivity escape the window when noise and distractions come through the door.

So, here are some helpful tips for keeping your home office "positive":

Work from a quiet place: Find a place that provides you with privacy and tranquility. This can be difficult if you live in an apartment or a small area that does not have many options, but try to find ways to create a small space that is more private than the rest of the rooms. You can achieve this by putting up a simple wooden barrier or playing soft music to block out other sounds.

Wear headphones if necessary: There are times when you need to concentrate but can't control the level of background noise (like kids' noise). Find good-quality headphones that cancel out background noise if this is the case. This will allow you to hear your music or podcasts while blocking out any distracting noises around you.

Shut off all distractions while working: This may mean putting away your phone, computer, or tablet so that you aren't tempted to check them at any point during the day.

Find A Place For “You”

Find A Place For You

Once you find a suitable spot, the next step is to fit your personality. Find some decorating ideas online, and start transforming your new space. This is a great way to start enjoying a more comfortable and quiet work experience at home.

The great thing about being a mother who works from home is that you can set up your home office to be an oasis of calm. And when the child grows up, the office can be redesigned and converted into a playroom or study, according to the child's needs at the time.

Make It Fun

Make It Fun

Can you achieve the best results while working from home with a child? It can be challenging, but it is not impossible either.

All you have to do is bring some 'fun' into the home atmosphere, and that doesn't mean quitting work or enjoying yourself all day, but instead putting in some tasks that allow you to forget your responsibilities as a work-from-home mom have some fun.

This may seem like a very "challenge," but there are no other options to achieve the highest results but to try some new things.

Discover Your Children’s Favorite Activities and Involve Them in Your Work

Discover Your Children's Favorite Activities and Involve Them in Your Work

Your kids love being involved in your work, so why not get them involved? This teaches them more about the real world and helps you focus on your daily tasks when working from home.

If you plan to involve your child in your work, the first thing is finding out what your child likes by asking him about it directly.

Suppose one of your children likes to help out in the kitchen, for example, you can assign them some simple tasks such as making "cookies" or peeling vegetables at the weekend .. your child enjoys and you save some effort.

Structure Everyday Tasks Around Their Activities

Structure Everyday Tasks Around Their Activities

Having children means forgetting about "free time." Mom always forgets when she can go out with her friends, go shopping, or play her favorite sport. However, suppose the mother can organize other activities like cleaning the house, gardening, or even walking simultaneously. In that case, her children are busy; she will feel good about changing the pace of her typical day.

The child's busy time can also complete tasks requiring more focus. If swimming is on Monday and Thursday of each week, for example, during this hour, you can achieve a specific task to provide more effort for your children in their spare time.

Find A Way to Do Your Household Chores Smartly

Find A Way to Do Your Household Chores Smartly

It would help if you found more ways to get the chores done in the least amount of time so that you can save more time and effort for yourself and your family.

You can achieve this by hiring a home helper or getting your household tasks done regularly so that tasks do not pile up and take too long to complete.

Figure Out How to Delegate

Figure Out How to Delegate

It's all too easy to say you'll delegate tasks when you're tired or overburdened, but it's tough to do so, especially when there's no "organization." To delegate effectively, it is necessary to save more time, organize tasks and find ways to provide more rest.

To delegate tasks effectively, think about what needs to be done. For example, if you want to clean your children's rooms, start by thinking about the steps involved in the process. Are there certain things they should avoid? Do they need to arrange their beds? Do they need to pick up soiled clothes from the floor? Kids can do all these little things quickly and easily.

Schedule Breaks for Yourself

Schedule Breaks for Yourself

Break time is the time to relax and recharge your batteries to be more efficient and productive throughout the day. There are many ways you can successfully incorporate breaks into your day without disrupting your productivity or wasting time needed for your job responsibilities.

Among the activities that you can do during breaks to avoid fatigue due to excessive stress are the following:

  • Take at least one day off per week from household chores.
  • Set a day for your children to interact with others to enhance their social communication skills.
  • Take your children to bed at eight o'clock so you can relax for a while before bed.

Be Consistent

Be Consistent

"Consistency" is your password when working from home. This can be not easy when there are children who think of nothing but play.

However, setting a schedule and sticking to it ensures that you feel more positive and relaxed. If it's time to "read," put the laptop down, and so on.

Show Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Show Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

As a mother who works from home, you should always invest the rest of your time finding ways to earn some extra money.

To find more ideas, take a look at your current job and identify strengths in which you can invest your skills. For example, if you have exceptional computer skills, hundreds of job opportunities are available online.

Keep A Balance Between Your Work and Family Life

Keep A Balance Between Your Work and Family Life

One of the best ways to maintain a balance between your work and family life is to plan and write everything down. You can write a list of things to get done each day and make sure you get them done by reviewing the list.

You can also plan for weekend activities such as going out with your family, attending events, or watching movies.

Planning helps you get more done with less effort.


It's never easy to leave your kids behind, especially if you work from home - giving you a rare opportunity to spend the day with them. But these were some helpful tips that you can handle your kids feeling comfortable enough to get some work done.

We wish all moms a great career with a happy family! ❤️️

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