16 March 2022
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Sleep at work without getting caught- "The world is currently suffering from an epidemic of lack of sleep, so it is worthwhile to allow employees to take a break after lunch during work as the hectic life and the work schedule load leads to a lack of sleep in a person's life," says Kirsti Kaleva, a specialist in Somnology from Helsinki University Hospital.

What would your manager's reaction be upon hearing this advice?

We all wish we could take some time off at work but are afraid of the repercussions. You may lose your job or at the very least become the laughingstock of all employees.

So, are there ways to fall asleep at work without getting caught?

In celebration of World Sleep Day, we’ve rounded up 9 ways to sleep at work without getting caught.

Build in a Short Nap in Your Schedule for Lunch Hour

Build in a Short Nap in Your Schedule for Lunch Hour

If your lunch break is long enough and you can nap in your car or at a desk, take advantage of it. The best way to do this is to pack a lunch so that you don't have to go out on a break, but if you have to get up and leave the office, try to find an isolated place where you can take a nap without getting caught.

If you can nap in your car, make sure there are no windows nearby so people can't see in. If you have an office with a door, try locking it and napping behind it. You should also use headphones so no one will hear your snoring.

This is a great way to recharge yourself during the day if you feel tired or sleepy while working. It will help keep you more focused on work and less likely to be distracted by other things like browsing social media. If possible, try not to nap for too long, though, as this could cause some problems when falling asleep later at night!

Take Advantage of Boring Meetings

Take Advantage of Boring Meetings

Boring meetings are one of the great banes of office life. But they can be a godsend if you need to rest but are worried about sleeping on the job. If you doze off in a meeting, no one will notice. They'll just think you were bored, like everyone else.

But if the meeting is essential and you can't afford to miss anything, try this technique instead. Pretend you are interested in what's being said. Nod now and then. Say something that sounds like you agree with what the speaker says from time to time. Then, as soon as you've fooled everyone into thinking you're awake, close your eyes and go to sleep without missing a word.

Do It with a Friend

Do It with a Friend

You can divide the tasks so that you only do half the work. This means more time and less stress when getting work done.

We all know how stressful it can be when tasks pile up, and that's where delegating tasks is so important to have others help us.

You can arrange with your friend to delegate tasks so that you and he can enjoy some rest while working. And make sure you have an understanding boss, so he doesn't fire you both when they find out.

Set Up a Comfy Sleep Space

Set Up a Comfy Sleep Space

When you're ready to take a nap, find the farthest place in your office. Make sure it is secluded and offers privacy.

Find a soft reclining chair, stool, or empty sofa. If there is no such furniture in your office, go to the reception area or the hallway. Find an empty, unused desk with a sofa or bench where you can sleep for 30 minutes.

If you work in an open work environment, select a meeting room with a door or corner that allows you privacy so you can take a nap. Then close the blinds and shut the door if possible. Try using white noise by turning on a fan or air conditioner to mask sleep noise.

Bring an eye mask, earplugs, and a travel pillow with you, so they're readily available when you're ready to take a nap and shut off the distractions of your co-workers and other noise around you.

Make sure this is done without prying eyes!

Don’t Work Overtime, Take a Break Instead

Don't Work Overtime, Take a Break Instead

If you work overtime, your brain will be exhausted. That's why many people tend to sleep at work. But that's not a good way of relieving stress.

It's important to give yourself a break to have more time to sleep at night, and there will be no need to sleep at work. In this way, you can get more done with less stress.

Here are some ways to take a break:

  • Listen to music
  • Talk with your colleagues
  • Leave the office on foot for 10 minutes

Sit Next to Someone You Know Won’t Tell on You

Sit Next to Someone You Know Won't Tell on You

You should close any blinds visible from the outside, so no one will see you sleeping. You should also check with colleagues before taking a nap to see if they can cover for you if anyone comes looking for you while you are asleep.

Don’t Nap in Highly Visible Areas

Don't Nap in Highly Visible Areas

This sounds logical, but it should be noted: Find unseen places to sleep and don't go anywhere near the CEO's office, for example, so that you won't get caught and all employees know what you've done wrong, and you become that lazy idiot.

Bring A Book to Work

Bring A Book to Work

Bring a book or magazine with you every day when you get to work. You don't need to read it that day; just keep it there. If you get tired at work during the day and feel like taking a nap, start reading the book. Keep your eyes on the page, so it looks like you're reading. The book will help hide your face.

Work Remotely

Work Remotely

Working from the office wastes a lot of time as it can waste an entire day attending meetings. On the other hand, telecommuting provides more hours to be used to complete accurate work so that there is more free time that can be used for sleep.

And by that, we don't mean that you spend all your working hours sleeping; there is work that you are obligated to do in front of everyone.

You’ve been caught sleeping at work. What to do?

You've been caught sleeping at work. What to do

Being honest is what you should do if caught sleeping in the workplace. You are less likely to be fired if your boss knows the main reasons behind this and knows that you feel upset about what you did.

Explain the reasons for your sleep, and do not make excuses! If the reason is personal (such as staying up late with a sick child), tell your boss without giving too many details, and assure that it won't happen again. Never blame others for your mistake and never give incorrect reasons.

It is essential that you take responsibility for your actions and sincerely apologize for what you did. Offer solutions to make up for your mistake or avoid it in the future. And stick to any suggestions made during a meeting with your boss or HR manager.

Conclusion- How to Sleep at Work Without Getting Caught?

We brought you 9 ways to get you to sleep at work. Share with us which one you have tried?

 And if you have any other ways to get some rest at work without getting caught, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

Your job doesn't quite allow you to do that? Look for some jobs with companies that allow you to take short naps at work,

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