14 January 2021
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When it comes to deciding whether or not to change your career, it can be difficult, challenging, thrilling, frightening, enjoyable, or stressful to determine the right decision.

Whether or not to shift careers is a crucial life decision, so it's important to ensure that you make the best decision for your professional and personal future.

Should I change My Career?

  1. Is it really the problem of your career?

To answer the critical question, ask yourself a few more questions to help you determine if it's the perfect time to abandon your present career:

  • Am I happy in my career?
  • Am I prominent in my career?
  • Is it a career because it's my passion or higher salaries/fewer tasks/ etc.?
  • Is it hindering me from doing things that I love away from work?
  • How can I define future success?
  • Is it sure that I'll achieve my definition of future success in y current career?
  1. Will I need to develop new skills?

Evaluate whether or not you can learn new skills. Changing careers needs persons who are open to learning new skills every day. It's a must if you consider changing your career. You will need to develop new skills that are relevant to the new job.

  1. Will I afford it?

Thinking about "money" is an integral part of our life decisions. Career changing is not an exception.

Consider where you stand financially while changing your career, but don't stick with your current career just for money if the role itself leaves you miserable. Happiness is priceless.

  1. Do I professionally practice my job search?

If you're currently unemployed, don't only conclude that you need a career change just because you can't find a role in your current profession. Instead, re-evaluate your job searching:

  1. Review and update your resume to make it ATS-friendly.
  2. Practice the job interview process with your friend.
  3. Reach your online network to find "hidden jobs" before being advertised.
  1. Flash Back & Be Honest

Being unemployed may boost your need to make a career change if it truly is the best choice for you. And if you don't have a job at the moment, you can always determine how content you are with your previous job by asking yourself the above questions.

Which career should I shift to?

  1. Pursue Your Passions and Talents

Decide of the career you'd like to pursue by considering what you're good at and what you're passionate about.

  1. What about you attracts others' attention?

Where is your passion?

Flashback to your childhood and remember what people admired you for and how you spent your free time?

Create a list and keep considering your talents and interests all over the way till now.

  1. Full-time, Part-time, or Freelance?

Think not only about your passion but also about your working hours. Do you want to be an employee who works from 9 to 5, or a part-timer who can do many jobs across the day, or a freelancer who is his boss who takes decisions on the working times, projects, clients, and all the process?

  1. Define The Redline

Think about what you don't want to do, careers that are entirely away from your passion, benefits you may negotiate, and others with no negotiations.

  1. Concentrate On One Goal Only

Don't distract yourself by thinking about taking many careers simultaneously. No one is an expert in everything.

Focus on one career, research, set strategy, develop new skills, get ready, and you'll surely reach your goal, and it'll be your lifetime right decision.

Good luck in your current or new career!

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